How to create a brilliant business plan for your small business

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If you don’t have a well researched business plan, you may still be able to start and grow a reasonably successful business – but it may never achieve its full potential. To do that, you need goals and a successful strategy that enables you to achieve them. So, what are the key components of a successful business plan, how do you use it to grow your business and what are the classic mistakes you need to avoid?

Nicola McKenzie, co-founder of AI-enabled business plan platform Venture Planner, provides the answers to these and other key questions.

How to create a brilliant business plan – show notes

About our business plan expert

Nicola McKenzie is the co-founder of the Dunham McCarthy Group and has a track record of successfully launching more than six businesses in just over a decade. She has played a pivotal role in its remarkable growth, overseeing and managing technology, legal, and financial specialists across various divisions, including insurance, solicitors, software development, and mortgages.

Nicola is also the visionary co-founder behind Venture Planner, a testament to her commitment to leveraging technology for business success. Drawing from her experience, Nicola understands the hurdles and uncertainties that come with starting a business. Nicola’s leadership and entrepreneurial acumen drive Venture Planner’s mission to revolutionise business planning.

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About our sponsor

This episode is brought to you thanks to the support of Venture Planner. Designed to assist start-ups and entrepreneurs, Venture Planner utilises the power of AI-driven technology for tasks such as market research, financial projections, and document generation, aiming to streamline the business planning process. Get a free trial and get 10% off when you sign up with code DONUT.

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