How Ecoegg revolutionised the laundry industry

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How and why would a small business attempt to take on multinational companies? Can a small business even compete in a market dominated by a handful of big players? In short, yes! Dawn White of Ecoegg did just that. Dawn battled eczema while growing up and her struggles with sensitive skin inspired her to create a detergent that was kinder to her skin and contained no nasty chemicals. Dawn tells us how she invented her own pioneering, eco-friendly detergent pellets and innovative laundry container that allowed the pellets to be placed directly into washing machine drums.

Packed with lessons on how to develop new products, how to set your business apart from established rivals and how to get your products stocked by major retailers, this episode is a must-listen for anyone starting a small business or launching a new product or service.

How Ecoegg revolutionised the laundry industry – Show notes

Product development and branding

Product sales

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About Dawn White of Ecoegg

Dawn White is the founder of Bristol-based Ecoegg. Ecoegg sells its own groundbreaking, multi-use, egg-shaped plastic container – called a Laundry Egg. You fill it with special detergent pellets and place it in your washing machine with your dirty washing. Crucially, Ecoegg pellets contain no nasty chemicals, they’ve been created to be kinder to your skin and the environment.

You can find Dawn on LinkedIn.

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