How to future-proof your small business

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What does the future hold for small businesses in the UK in the next five to ten years? What are the small business trends and which businesses are most likely to survive and succeed? How will customer wants and needs change and how might small businesses market their products and services to them? Will online sales continue to grow and is that likely to bring about the demise of the high street? What about managing, and, could AI actually be a good thing for small-business owners?

Applied futurist, speaker, writer and consultant Tom Cheesewright explains how the small-business world is likely to change in the next five to ten years.

Show notes – small business trends and how to future-proof your business

Starting a business

Understanding your market


AI in small businesses


Getting paid

About our small business trends expert

Tom Cheesewright is an applied futurist, speaker, writer and consultant. Tom helps brands, organisations and industries to see what’s next, helping them to build strategies for sustainable success, whatever the future holds. You may have seen or heard Tom on TV, because he’s appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News.

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