S1E7 How to set up a successful ecommerce business

An introduction to selling online, whether via marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy, or your own ecommerce or general website

In this episode we speak to online selling expert, Chris Dawson of Tamebay, who talks about the advantages of selling online and guides us through selling via popular marketplace platforms.

Show notes

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Selling online



Ecommerce platforms

Payment providers

About Chris Dawson

Chris is co-founder and editor of Tamebay, leading source of intelligence and news for those who sell on online marketplaces, whether experienced ‘power sellers’ looking to boost their sales or beginners looking for best practice advice. Chris co-founded Tamebay in 2006, but for eight years before that he’d been a full time eBay seller.

Find Tamebay on Twitter and Facebook.

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