S1E8 Protect your wellbeing as a small business manager

Starting a business can be an exciting time and there are hundreds of things you will need to consider. It’s likely that with all the other demands vying for attention, you haven’t considered how you can protect your mental and physical health. This could be a mistake

In this episode we speak to Christine Husbands, managing director of Redarc – providers of FSB-care, giving advice and emotional support to help people better cope with illness, disability, and trauma.

Running a business can be highly demanding and wide ranging. It can take a serious toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. As a small business owner, you can feel quite isolated. Christine shares tips and advice that can help alleviate the stress, boost your mental and physical wellbeing, and generally create a better work-life balance.

Show notes

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Connecting with others

Time management

Healthy mind and body

About Christine Husbands

Christine is the Managing Director of RedArc, which provides advice and emotional support to help people to better cope with illness, disability, trauma or bereavement.

RedArc provides FSB Care to members of the Federation of Small Businesses facing a serious physical or mental health condition which gives free access to an experienced General or Registered Mental Health Nurse.

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