S1E6 How to market your new business online

An unmissable introduction to the all-important business of online marketing and digital marketing methods you can use to attract and retain customers

In this episode we speak to Aggie Meroni to find out all about social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and search engine marketing (SEO), so you stand a better chance of people finding your business via search engines such as Google, and organic and paid online advertising. You’ll also get an introduction to email marketing.

Show notes

Find links to all the resources mentioned in this episode, along with related content, below.

Social media

Facebook Ads


Email marketing platforms

About Aggie Meroni

Aggie is the founder and CEO of White Bee Digital, a consultancy that helps start-ups and small businesses to build their online presence, so they can attract and retain more customers.

You can download Aggie’s free Facebook Ads checklist here.

Find Aggie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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