How to buy and sell wholesale

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Many new small independent retailers buy their stock wholesale, often from small suppliers, makers and craft businesses. It can really set you apart by providing you with high quality, exclusive stock that’s superior to the mass-produced options sold by others. But where do you find such suppliers and how do you negotiate good deals? Consultant and wholesale and retail expert Therese Oertenblad talks to us about how to buy wholesale as an independent retailer, while also providing tips for micro makers that want to sell their wares wholesale to small retail businesses.   

How to buy and sell wholesale – show notes

Starting a retail business


Finding suppliers

Negotiating contracts

Case studies

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About our expert

Therese Oertenblad is the founder of Small Business Collaborative.

Therese works with product-based business owners who want to grow the turnover of their wholesale business. Some of Therese’s clients are now stocked in the likes of Liberty, John Lewis and Selfridges, as well as many other smaller independent retail shops around the world. Previously, Therese spent over a decade working in sales in the home and gift industry.

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About our sponsor

This episode is brought to you thanks to the support of Faire. Faire is a global marketplace for local retailers to discover the best emerging and established brands to stock their stores risk-free. Faire enables independent retailers to grow their business with the advantages of big players and empowers makers to seamlessly build and run their wholesale business. Faire was founded in 2017 and is powered by the idea that the future is local.

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