S2E8 How to succeed when selling face-to-face

Regardless of where you are selling – from a market stall, shop, garage, restaurant, or café – being able to sell successfully face-to-face is key to success. It comes more naturally to some rather than others, but by adding a little knowledge and experience, most people can drastically improve their face-to face selling technique.

In this episode, you can pick up some tried and tested tips for selling face-to-face from sales expert Glen Williamson, CEO of sales consultancy, Kiss The Fish Training. He shares some key dos and don’ts. 

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Understanding your customer




About Glen Williamson

Glen is the ceo of sales consultancy, Kiss The Fish Training. As a consultant sales director, sales trainer, speaker and accredited master coach, Glen works with sales professionals and SME business owners to help them to reach new heights of sales performance. With more than 30 years’ experience, Surrey-based Glen is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management and is Chair of Judges at the UK Business Awards. 

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