Key tasks you need to complete when starting your own business

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Starting your own business is challenging. If you haven’t done it before, you’ll inevitably lack know-how, while there are common pitfalls to avoid. So, what key tasks do you need to complete when setting up your own business, if you’re to get off to the best possible start? Start-up and small-business content expert, journalist Mark Williams, answers this and other key questions.

Key tasks you need to complete when starting your own business – show notes

Business ideas


Start up funding and costs

Marketing your business and creating a brand

Forming your business

About our expert

Mark Williams is a leading start-up and small-business content specialist with more than 20 years’ experience. He wrote the Start Up Donut website and has produced small-business content for the government and corporate heavyweights such as HSBC and KPMG, as well as The Guardian. Perhaps more importantly, as founder of Dead Good Content, Mark himself is a small-business owner.

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