S1E3 How to create a winning brand and business name

Why a brand is much more than just colours, fonts or slogans and how to come up with a great business name

In this episode we speak to Liz Mosley to learn the importance of creating a strong, distinctive brand when starting a business. We hear about the importance of brand values and how to create a distinctive brand identity including your business name, your logo and your website. 

Show notes

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Your business name

Your logo

Building a website

About Liz Mosley

Liz is the host of the popular Building Your Brand podcast, which advises small businesses on a wide variety of subjects linked to their brand and marketing. She also offers training courses for small businesses and she’s a graphic designer with more than ten years’ experience who creates stunning brand identities for start-ups and small businesses.

Find Liz on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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