S1E2 Start-up Story – Eve Kekeh of baby clothing service Bundlee

Pick up top tips and learn key start-up lessons from the biggest experts of all – those who’ve actually been there and started their own business

In this episode we speak to Eve Kekeh, London-based founder of Bundlee, the UK’s first and most popular baby clothing rental subscription service. Eve explains why she started her business and retraces her start-up journey, sharing key lessons that she learned along the way.

Find out what Eve would do differently if she had to start her business again and what her key start-up tips are.

Show notes

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Grant funding

Forming a business


Building a website

Accounting software

Marketing tools

About Eve Kekeh of Bundlee

Eve is the founder of London-based Bundlee – the UK’s first baby clothing rental subscription service. Parents can rent bundles of high-quality baby clothes and swap outgrown clothes for the next size up. The service was created to help parents keep pace with their baby’s growth, from newborn to two years old, and as well as saving families time and money, reusing baby clothes is more sustainable.

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