Forming a business

Sole trader, limited company or partnership? The pros and cons of the main business formation options and how to legally register your new business.

In this episode, we speak to expert Carl Reader, who talks through the main options for forming a business, the pros and cons of each option, how to register and the steps you need to take before reaching that point. We also cover whether you need to register for VAT, business bank accounts and working with an accountant.

Show notes

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Registering your business

Tax and VAT

Sector-specific regulations

  • Specific regulations for 200 different types of business (eg a hotel, printer or taxi firm).

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About Carl Reader

Carl is a serial entrepreneur, chairman of business advisory firm d&t, and the best-selling author of ‘Boss It’. He features regularly in the national press and on stage globally. Carl has helped thousands of business owners either start or grow their business by helping them understand that business isn’t difficult, in language an eight-year-old can understand.

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