S3E4 Get the right tech for your new business

Cover image for S3E4 of the Start Your Own Business podcast titled Get the right tech for your new business with Richard Hillsden as our special guest

Making sure that you have the right IT can enable your new business to quickly get established and grow. If you don’t have the right hardware and software – it will hold you back.

In this episode, we speak to leading small-business technology expert, Richard Hillsdon, of Caerphilly-based IT consultancy Tekeez, which provides IT systems, remote support and advice to small-business customers throughout the UK. Richard explains how you can work out your start-up’s IT hardware and software needs and make sure that you have what you need to help power your success and growth.

Richard talks us through three hypothetical businesses – from a sole trader pilates teacher to a growing business with employees – and how they can get the tech they need to start and grow their businesses without breaking the bank. He shares some great money-saving tips and advice on adaptable solutions that can grow with your business.

Show notes

Email and domain names

Getting apps and software

Running a business from home

Free online resources

Co-working and remote working

About Richard Hillsdon

Richard co-founded Tekeez, in 1994, having started his career in IT ten years previously. Tekeez specialises in providing tailored IT consultancy and hardware that saves small businesses time and money while enabling them to become more efficient and profitable by investing in the right technology and software. Tekeez also provides remote support to its broad church of small business customers.

About our sponsor

Thanks to Dell Technologies for sponsoring series four of the Start Your Own Business podcast.

Dell has what you need to start, scale, and succeed, including end-to-end tech solutions to boost productivity and maximise security so you can focus on innovation.

Our partnership with Dell means you get top products at special prices and a personalised consultation from a dedicated tech adviser who will get to know the goals of your business. Find out more by emailing the Dell for Startup UK representative at [email protected].

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