S2E6 How Clear Three made their business carbon neutral

As well as being better for the planet, being a net-zero business can bring a range of bottom line benefits. However, according to FSB research, although most small firms are concerned about climate change, only one-in-three has a plan to help tackle it.

In this episode, consultant Graham Oakley explains how his business ensures that it is net zero and sustainable, while providing practical advice to other start ups and small businesses that want to do the same.

Show notes

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Visit the Federation of Small Businesses’ Small Business Sustainability hub and download their free guide How to get started with sustainability.

Measuring your impact

Carbon offsetting

Greener travel

Marketing your green credentials

About Graham Oakley

Graham Oakley is commercial director of multi award-winning West Midlands-based Clear Three, which works with business owners to reduce waste, pollution, and misuse of natural resources to become cleaner, greener, more efficient and more profitable. Many Clear Three customers operate in the laundry sector and among other things, the company is known for its award-winning carbon-reduction software. Carbon-neutral Clear Three helps other businesses to minimise their carbon impact.

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