S2E5 How to win customers with digital advertising

Digital advertising can enable businesses of all sizes to attract customers. Its popularity continues to grow. About £10.5bn was spent on digital advertising in the UK in the first half of 2021 – 42% higher than in H1 2019. Paid search makes up 36% of UK digital advertising spend, followed by digital display (27%).

In this episode, digital marketing expert Charlotte Sheridan explains the advantages of online advertising and runs through some key dos and don’ts. She shares top tips that will increase the chances of achieving a good return on investment when advertising on investment when advertising online.

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Online digital advertising

Pull advertising

Push advertising

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About Charlotte Sheridan

Charlotte is the founder and director of The Small Biz Expert, which is a London-based full-service digital marketing agency that helps small-business clients to grow by getting big results when marketing and advertising their brands, products and services online. Charlotte has helped a long list of small business clients and just one of her areas of expertise is digital advertising, whether on Google, Facebook or other platforms.

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