S3E2 How to provide excellent customer service

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Offering superior customer service is a proven way that small businesses can be more attractive to customers and lure them away from larger and more established competitors. But any commitment to offering superior customer service must be firm and consistent throughout your business.

In this episode, we speak to leading customer service expert Stephanie Edwards of Wiltshire-based Customer 1st, a specialist provider of innovative self-paced online customer service programmes. She explains how you can raise your customer service game to enviable heights and attract and retain customers as a result.

*After two decades of service to improving standards within the service arena and making a difference to Customer Service Professionals and Managers Stephanie has now retired.

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About Stephanie Edwards

Leading customer service expert, Stephanie Edwards left behind her career in marketing to join the Institute for Customer Service. Once there, she developed highly successful customer service training programmes. At the same time, she wrote two successful Best Practice Guides for Customer Service Professionals and Managers.

From there, Stephanie decided to set up her own Wiltshire-based company, “Customer Service Global”, and developed the first accredited tutor-led online programmes based on her two workbooks. Stephanie also developed customised customer service learning resources for a wide range of high-profile clients. More recently, she has set up “Customer 1st”, a specialist provider of innovative self-paced online customer service programmes.

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