How innovation and social media fuelled CRIMPiT’s success

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Who among us doesn’t enjoy a toastie or Mexican-style wrap? Both can be a delicious snack or meal. CRIMPiT is a successful, award-winning new British business. Its clever, innovative products offer a quick, easy and mess-free way to create delicious toasties using your kitchen toaster or burritos, calzones, enchiladas, kebabs and pasties that can be heated in your air fryer, oven or pan. CRIMPiT co-founders, Mike Harper and Ian Critchlow were inspired to create CRIMPit by the need to create a speedy, high-protein, low-carb snack for Ian’s elite swimmer son.

In this Start-Up Story, Mike explains what challenges he and Ian had to overcome to start their business, win more than half a million customers and get their products onto the shelves of high-street stockists in the UK. CRIMPiT is about to launch in the US, so what has been the recipe for its success?

How innovation and social media fuelled CRIMPiT’s success – show notes

Selling online

Intellectual property protection

Product development and branding

Your audience

High street retailers

Selling online

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About Mike Harper of CRIMPiT

Mike has more than 10 years’ experience in growing food and beverage businesses through digital marketing. Using this knowledge Mike has been able to supercharge the CRIMPiT brand which now sees over one million homes enjoying their products across the UK and USA.

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